Invent or discover: the art of useful science

The stories of synthetic insulin and hepatitis B vaccine are told. Counter intuitive forces are revealed and explained. Human talent for curiosity permits us to venture beyond knowledge into the unknown unknown, where the potential for truly new and vital inventions is found. These accounts are supported by extensive endnotes and references; the text is available as free downloadable files in pdf format. 

1. Hepatitis vaccine

hepatitis virus

The story of the discovery of a protein in human blood derived from the virus of hepatitis , followed by the invention of the plasma vaccine using this protein. 

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 2. Synthetic insulin

DNA helix

The race to translate discoveries on natural protein production into the first biotechnological synthesis of the hormone insulin for treating diabetes.

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3. Curiosity

The strangely awkward characteristic of human curiosity is the drive that enables researchers to penetrate beyond the obvious questions to make completely unanticipated discoveries.

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